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A swank contemporary salon and spa located in the charming Heights Village district of Long Beach. With a delicious fusion of skin concepts, body pampering, and hair decadence. Our guests enjoy a variety of plush services in an elegant and dynamic environment.

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Guinot’s 30-Minute Hydraclean Facial with Thermoclean Electrode

The new Guinot 30-minute Hydraclean Facial uses the patented Thermoclean Electrode to offer spa enthusiasts glowing skin in 30 minutes.  Many trendy, “quickie” spa treatments promise to get clients in and out in under an hour.  These treatments are designed for time, not results – compromising their overall effectiveness.   Unlike the rest of the pack, Guinot’s Hydraclean Facial is not a just a shortened version of an existing treatment.  Over the past two years, Guinot has been developing the Thermoclean Electrode specifically for this treatment, delivering noticeable, long-lasting results in less than half the time of a standard facial.

Guinot’s Hydraclean Facial will cater to diverse lifestyles, including:  hurried professionals with barely a minute to spare, young spa goers looking for an introductory treatment, those looking for a skin refresher that won’t leave them red, puffy or makeup-less. The 30-minute facial is so perfectly designed for speed and efficacy that one’s eye makeup may remain untouched – so it’s back to work in a jiffy, a quick visit between work and a Friday evening date or a little “me” time between soccer practice and the French tutor ; )

How it works

Regulated heat from the patented Thermoclean Electrode triggers hyper-secretion of the sweat and sebaceous glands to clean the pores and rid the skin of oil and toxins while individually prescribed gel is massaged into the face to deeply penetrate and treat.

The results

Skin is clearer, brighter, hydrated, able to breathe, and is more receptive to subsequently applied products.

New Hydraclean 30 minute is only $55 or 25$ as an add-on to any facial.  Book this 30 minute express treatment and see how GUINOT can give you great results. call now 562-433-9665 or book online at for your next appointment.


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Guinot's NEW Nutrilogic Nourishing Body Balm


Nutrilogic, a nourishing restorative balm that instantly softens and soothes extra dry skin, is your new essential moisturizer for ski trips and long plane fights. Nutrilogic Body Balm's key ingredient is Pro Ceramides, which reinforces the skin's acid mantle, its protection against external irritants, and reinforces skin’s cohesion to minimize water loss – well needed whether in Vail or Gstaad. The formulation is particularly good at softening the usual suspects, elbows, knees, and heels. Use Nutrilogic once or twice a day.

*Insider Tip: Use the body balm before skiing to prevent windburn or before long flights to keep the face moisturized

Key Ingredients:

Pro Ceramides

  • Liposkin restores the acid mantle that reinforces the skin barrier, protecting it from external irritants.
  • Phospholipids reinforce skin’s cohesion that limits imperceptible water loss in the skin

Shea Butter, Sweet Almond